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Lighted Open Signs

Let customers know when you are open with the NEWON® LED lighted open sign. A bright open sign does far more than simply let people know you're open. It's a modern-day beacon that tells customers they’re genuinely welcome. Sure, you could just stick a welcome mat in front of your door, but who’s going to notice it as they’re driving by? 

NEWON® Better Than Neon!™ Why? NEWON® lighted signs are shatterproof, brighter, less expensive to operate, and are far more durable than neon open signs. NEWON® lighted open signs last three times longer than neon signs, don't generate heat, or make noise. NEWON® signs are lightweight and their thin profile allows them to fit in spaces where a neon sign cannot.

How did you ever get along without NEWON®?


LED OPEN with Digital Business Hours

1 Review
Item #6093
Easy-Change Times
Size: 23.4” x 20.4”


Slim-Line LED OPEN with Business Hours

Item #9442
Static-cling business hours
Size: 23.4” x 20.4”


LED OPEN BOLD Color-Change with Digital Business Hours

Item #9444
Vivid color effects - Digital Business Hours
Size: 25.2” x 19.6”
$149.99 $134.99